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    Beware of counterfeit of Bourns Trimmers

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    RIVERSIDE, CA – March 26, 2003 – It has come to our attention that counterfeit Bourns? trimmers are appearing in the marketplace in certain countries. These counterfeit products are not manufactured by Bourns, but illegally bear the Bourns? trademark. We have found counterfeit versions of the following Trimpot? trimmer models, but there may be others as well.

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    The counterfeiters have worked hard to make these counterfeit products difficult to distinguish visually from genuine Bourns? products. We have found them packaged in a similar looking tube that includes the Bourns? bar coding sequence and the counterfeit products themselves are labeled with the Bourns? trademark, part number and supposed plant of manufacture. However, when analyzed, these products reveal a variety of assembly techniques and internal components that differ substantially from genuine Bourns? trimmers. Customers have reported experiencing degradation in performance after cycling the counterfeit trimmers for a short period of time.

    Buyers Need to be Beware!

    While we will take action against any manufacturer of counterfeit Bourns? products that we are able to identify, counterfeiters go to great lengths to conceal their identity. Buying Bourns? products from unauthorized resellers poses a risk that the purchased products might be counterfeit. If customers want to be assured of receiving the quality and performance of genuine Bourns? products, they should buy only from authorized Bourns sources. Additionally, the Bourns standard product warranty applies only to genuine Bourns? products purchased through our authorized selling network.

    For a complete and up-to-date listing of authorized Bourns distributors and representatives, customers can access the following link.

    If anyone offers to sell you counterfeit Bourns? products, we would appreciate hearing from you. One obvious indicator of a potential counterfeit product is that the seller is not an authorized distributor or representative of Bourns and the asking price for the offered product is well below what authorized resellers typically charge for the Bourns? model.

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